Functional and Biodynamic Approaches to Craniosacral Therapy

Functional and Biodynamic Approaches to Craniosacr
This unique set of 3 DVDs is a complete training in all phases of craniosacral therapy by one of the most experienced and well published teachers in the field. Dr. Shea takes the viewer through all of the basic techniques of the biomechanical and functional approach to craniosacral therapy along with excellent anatomy presentations. The third DVD explores advanced biodynamic approaches with special palpation and perceptual skills to enhance all levels of practice and healing.

DVD 1: Basic Craniosacral Therapy 1.5 hours
1. Cranial Anatomy 2. CRI – Vault Hold 3. Still Point – CV4 4. Diaphragm Releases: Pelvic, Respiratory, Thoracic Outlet and AOJ, Anatomy Review 5. Frontal Bone 6. Parietal Bone
7. Sphenoid Bone 8. Temporal Bone 9. Sacral Decompression 10. TMJ 11. Dural Tube

DVD 2: Intermediate Craniosacral Therapy 1.5hrs
1. Unwinding of the of the AOJ 2. Temporal Bones Still Point in External Rotation
3. Unwinding the Sphenoid Bone 4. Intra-Oral Segment Decompressing the Maxilla, Decompressing the Vomer, Decompressing the Palatines 5. Floating the Sacrum
6. Abdominal and Cranial Reflexes 7. Unwinding High Impact Trauma 8. Concluding Remarks on Unwinding Phenomenon

DVD 3: Advanced Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 2 hrs
1. The Basic Biodynamic Process 2. Advanced Principles 3. The Pieta 4. The Feet. 5. The Clavicles 6. The Scapula Day 7. The Heart Fulcrum 8. Extended Facial Sequence 9. The Cranial Base 10. The Parietal Bones.
Bonus material: 19 guided meditation’s.
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