From Conception To Birth

From Conception To Birth
As a child grows and develops inside its mother's womb, parents constantly ask each other 'What's happening with the baby now?' As a result of Alexander Tsiaras' remarkable achievements in medical imaging technology, they can turn to the pages of this extraordinary book for an answer at any point during the pregnancy - from conception to birth. "From Conception to Birth" is based on HVO revolutions in science. As biologists have decoded the molecular basis of life, computer scientists have developed three-dimensional techniques for scanning and displaying the body; which can isolate nervous, skeletal, circulatory systems and view them down to a molecular level. Alexander Tsiaras founded his medical imaging company Anatomical Travelogue on these discoveries, and his scanning techniques promise a completely new way for doctors to examine and diagnose their patients, and also make it possible to track the development of human beings from the moment of conception. If the science behind this book is fascinating, the images themselves are spectacular, showing the never-before-witnessed process of human creation in astonishingly beautiful detail, as we see the eye appear, the heart and lungs start to work, the hands grow and flex.
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