Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love

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Practitioner Immersion Course Charles Ridley
5. - 8. 5. 2022

Practitioner Immersion Course
Charles Ridley


This course is for practitioners: a deep dive into Stillness Touch Master Classes based on  Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love




Fundamental Disposition, Heart Perception, and the Sacred Pulse

Strengthen Your Will: Inner Practice

Functions of Ascending and Descending Streams For Conscious Evolution

Stillness Touch and Neutral Consciousness

Descending Stillness Practices
Osteopathic Biodynamic Map to BE STILL AND KNOW I AM

Cellular Implosion of Dynamic Stillness is the Fulcrum for the Sacred Pulse

Non-Tidal Sacred Pulse of Love: A Post-Biodynamic Journey

Efference Recoils Potency and Blocks the Sacred Pulse of Love

Psycho-Somatic Recoils Prevent Eros From Reaching the Heart Radiance

The Grail Journey Ushered By Pure Breath of Love:

            Cellular Implosion of Dynamic Stillness - Pure Breath of Love Emerges

            How Enquiry and Stillness as Bypass Avoids the Grail Journey

Swedenborg and Russel: Mystics Who Influenced Sutherland and Becker

Rollin Becker's Connection to Kashmir Shaivism


Charles Ridley, Stillness Touch for pregnancy, Workshop in Mexico from Ceiba Yaax Úteroamor on Vimeo.

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