Master Class 1
Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love

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Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love
12. - 15. 5. 2022

Master Class 1: Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love


 Charles Ridley


Master Class 1 is the first of 3 Master classes that lead to being a Certified Stillness Touch Practitioner.


Course Topics:

- William Sutherland and Rollin Becker: pioneers in biodynamics

- Pre-biodynamic, biodynamic and post-biodynamic practices

- Stillness Touch and the Evolution of Consciousness

- The neutral is the Presence of Stillness

- Functions of the upward and downward currents of consciousness

- Dynamic Stillness: the fulcrum of the descent of consciousness

- The heart as an organ of perception and the body as consciousness

- Efference creates recoil that leads to bypass

- Recoil blocks neutrality and prevents Pure Breath of Love

- Stillness Practice: the antidote to Efference

- Pure Breath of Love and your Grail Journey

- Ancient traditions, self-existent radiance of the heart and stillness touch

- Modern philosophers who influenced Dr. Still, Sutherland and Becker

- Rollin Becker's connection to Kashmir Shaivism


Required Reading Prior to Class: Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love

Exercise to strengthen the will: Homework assignment to prepare for class.


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